The LAST AirBerlin Flight / Der letzte Air Berlin-Langstreckenflug

“Good bye” in Düsseldorf

The plane was filmed coming down to land at the airport by plane enthusiasts, who noticed that it was too high.

“It’s too high, it’s too high,” one person can be heard gasping on the video.

The jet, carrying 200 passengers, then swoops over the runway before making a tight left curve around the terminal and heading back up into the sky.
It was the last transatlantic flight flown by Air Berlin, which filed for bankruptcy in August.

The federal aviation authority (LBA) is now looking into the incident, the airline confirmed.

“Air Berlin fully supports the LBA in its work,” the company said.

The company stated that the manoeuvre had been agreed upon with the flight control centre, which gave permission for a turn to the left in the case of an aborted landing.

Post time: Oct-23-2017
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